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My Roof is an Italian Motorcycle

Not a Chinese assembled Harley

Putting a new roof on your house, I have discovered is a pain in the proverbial. I always had my suspicions of course, which is why I had demurred, protested, hesitated and delayed when my wife had suggested that the roof needed replacing. She was right of course, and eventually it reached a state where there […]

Under Pressure

Kaipara Ride for Cash

For the last week or so the display on the GSA has been indicating that the front tire was a little low in pressure. Those two little numbers stared accusingly at me every morning when I fired the bike into life. Combined with mid-winter blues and feeling a little under pressure myself, I was beginning […]

Welcome to Motorbike World

Motobike on red road

Welcome to Motorbike World! Here you will find  information, pictures and discussion on all things motorcycling, not to mention our upcoming events and projects. Motorbike World was born out of a passion for motorcycling, for adventure, for meeting people. We understand the need to get on one’s bike and just ride. The lifting of the […]